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"Messe Fur Lernen" - A Learning Fair by Classes Pre primary & Pre School

Learning Fair presented by: Pre School and Pre Primary
on Saturday, 3rd March, 2012

The tiny tots of Pre-school and Pre-primary came together for Messe Fur Lernen - a learning fair on Saturday, March 3, 2012. The cultural programme started on an auspicious note with diya lighting ceremony by the Principal, Mrs. Renu Jain and the esteemed guests of honour – Mrs. Nanu Rekhi and Mrs. Helen Harrison.

The learning fair began with lot of excitement and enthusiasm with felicitation of the students with ‘Proficiency certificates’ for the Pre-school session 2010-2011 followed by a play, folk dance and a fashion show on popular cartoon characters.

  • ‘The Sly fox and the Little Red Hen’ presented by the students of Pre-Primary.
  • The Goan foot tapping folk dance presented by Pre-school E.
  • Fashion show by the Pre-school A won a lot of applause. The tiny tots came dressed as popular cartoon and fairy tale characters. ‘Tenali Ram’ won a big round of applause from the audience.
  • The concluding item was a Rajasthani folk dance presented by a group of Pre-Primary students was based on the festival ‘Holi’. The dance was based on a popular Ila Arun’s Rajasthani folk song …Holiya me udere gulal…..

The cultural programme was followed by an hour and half extravaganza wherein each class had prepared a theme stall in the school playground.

  • Aqua World, presented by Pre-school B: depicted the water world .Octopus, sea horse, fish, dolphin, shark and wide range of under water plants were on display.

  • Kids in the Kitchen, presented by Preschool D: Little ones dressed as chefs showcased non fire cooking skills. They prepared delicious bhelpuri, sandwiches etc for the guests to sample.
    • Our Helpers, presented by Preschool F: Our little ones displayed the role and importance of our helpers in the society. Students were dressed as nurse, gardener, postman etc.
    • Are You a Pre School Pass?
      Preschool C little wonders asked the guests interesting questions and rewarded them with a sweet on giving the right answer.
    • Flora World presented by Pre Primary A, B and D showcasedthe facts on plants like germination, photosynthesis etc. Pots decorated by children using simple craft material were put up on sale!!
      The World of Stories and Fairy Tales presented by Pre-Primary E

    Tiny tots enacted different stories and looked adorable dressed as different characters like Rapunzel, Aladdin etc.

    • The World of Stories and Fairy Tales presented by Pre-Primary E.
      Tiny tots enacted different stories and looked adorable dressed as different characters like Rapunzel, Aladdin etc.

    • Tattoo corner was presented by Pre-Primary C. Students made tattoos for the guests and parents on the back of their hands!! Floral and Pirates tattoo were in big demand!!

    • Book mark and paper bag corner was presented by Pre-Primary F. Children spoke on some important facts of bookmark and its uses.

    • Best Out of Waste stall , presented by Pre-Primary G. Students were dressed in dresses and T-shirts made out of waste materials like unused buttons, ice cream sticks, pencil shavings etc. The stall was decorated by hangings and cards made out of waste materials.

    • Exuberance, Enthusiasm and Energy of little wonders of Pre School and Pre Primary left everyone spellbound!!!
    • Three cheers for KRM Tiny Tots!!

    Class I Annual presentation - Krishna Janmashtami Date: 19th Aug’11

    The Class I presentation began on an auspicious note with the diya lighting ceremony. The chanting of Gayatri Mantra was followed by the welcome song ‘Kanha More’, a folk song depicting Lord Krishna’s naughty pranks with the village belles.(gopis)
    The show progressed with a sequence of events: the celestial predictions heard by the evil Kansa, Vasudev’s crossing the river Yamuna, the joyous celebration of Krishna’s foster parents Nand Baba and Yashoda Ma, on seeing their beautiful baby, Krishna’s childhood days filled with pranks that troubled yet enamoured one and all, the lifting of Govardhan Parbat and finally the fight with Kansa and eventually, his death.
    The show was interspersed with energetic yet graceful dances, harmonious music and expressive acting by the students. The vibrant and colourful costumes, jewellery and headgears worn by the children along with their flawless performance transcended us into the culturally rich era of Natkhat Kanha.
    The parents were overjoyed to see their little ones performing with great enthusiasm and zest. Thus to sum it up, the Krishna Leela reiterated our traditional values of victory of ‘Good over Evil’ and in an exciting and fun way, helped our students to understand the significance of the same.

    Class Pre-Primary annual presentation on Raksha- Bandhan
    DATE : 10th Aug’11

    Class Pre-Primary Annual presentation was on Raksha- Bandhan. The Chief Guest for the event was Ms Charu Swarup Mullick, an editor with one of the leading dailies of the city. Our Principal, Mrs. Renu Jain welcomed all the guests and the chief guest. The presentation began with the Ganesh Vandana. It was followed by a poem on raksha bandhan.
    The Story….
    The presentation was based on a dance drama on the story of Rani Karnawati of Chittorgarh and Mughal King Humayun. When Bahadur Shah of Gujrat wanted to invade Chittorgarh, Rani Karnawati had sent a rakhi to Mughal King ,Humayun, thereby requesting him to protect her kingdom from Bahadur Shah’s attack. Mughal King Humayun immediately started for Chittor to save his sister. However, the Mughal King was late and the queen along with her friends committed johar to save themselves from Bahadur Shah. The Mughal King mourned and avenged his sister’s death by attacking Bahadur Shah and driving him away. He reinstated the crown with Prince Vikramaditya, son of Rani Karnawati and blessed him to rule the kingdom like his mother.
    The Presentation concluded with a grand finale dance that depicted the bond of love and protection as the theme of Raksha bandhan. Ms Renu Bambhri , Pre-Primary in-charge gave the vote of thanks to conclude the show.
    The show was a show case of the hard work and guidance of the team of teachers over a period of 45 days. Every student had an active role to play in the presentation. It was a platform that allowed all the students to present their talents and allowed them to be confident enough to face an audience. The presentation not only helped the students to grow, it promoted the holistic development of all the students.

    Pre –School Annual presentation on Gurupurab
    Date : 9th November,2011

    The students of Pre-School put up a spectacular show on Gurupurab on Wednesday, November 9, 2011.
    The programme began with the diya lighting ceremony and the gayatri mantra. A huge applause from all sides was heard when the tiny tots stepped on to the stage and started the programme with melodious Shabad Kirtan.
    The show progressed with a sequence of events: the birth of Guru Nanak Dev ji, Prabhat Pheri scene ending with a paath in the gurudwara, stories from the life of Guru ji, the charm and meaning of Mool Mantra and finally a rocking performance of Bhangra, the famous dance of Punjab.
    The parents were overwhelmed and proud to see their little ones performing so confidently on the stage.
    Our respectable principal ,Ms. Renu Jain, and our Pre Primary In-charge ,Ms. Renu Bhambri, encouraged and praised the wonderful presentation and appreciated the efforts put in by the teachers and the children.
    The presentation ended with the distribution of the hot "Kara prasad".